30 Poems for Artists: Lisa Hayes

Live Art, Poetry, Yleinen

In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.
Here’s the poem of Lisa Hayes, an Irish theatre professional from London, and I must say, I had a hard time keeping it short when I wrote the poem. Would’ve wanted to say so much more about this awesome creature! She’s a theatre maker, and you could tell that instantly when she appeared on the metro station in Berlin; she oozes that something that connects her to the present moment and she is definitely very aware of her surroundings all the time. These features were top tools when we worked together in a team during Ponderosa residency. Lisa was open and willing to collaborate, and she brought us a lot of practical knowledge about theatre making and playing. She liked to approach many things through fun. What an amazing attitude that is! Go conquer the world, Lisa!

Oh Lisa, you’re a diamond amongst the ladies

and never mind the shadies

I believe in you

no matter what you do

’Cause the fire in your eyes

tells me you speak no lies

You’re tender and good,

you like to be understood

and I would be the happiest

to be your chap.

30 Poems for Artists: Nicole Nigro, dancer and choreographer


In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.

Today, it is the turn of Nicole Nigro from Toronto, Canada. She is a dance artist, choreographer and educator who is interested in interdisciplinarity in her work. Her presence as a performer is both delicate and very intense.

Photo by Jennifer Picard.

Poem nr 2.

Nicole Nigro

The voice of yours?

Please, keep on talking

You’re like a good radio voice

to listen while you’re walking

And I tell you, if I was a guy

those eyes would make me shy

so you can walk past me

whenever you want

‘cause you look like a letter

written with a script font

30 Poems for Artists: Akseli Aittomäki


In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.

Today, it is the turn of Akseli Aittomäki from Helsinki, Finland. He is a dance artist and researcher who has a wonderful philosophical approach to his work. Akseli makes dance films and appeared in Ponderosa as a very witty, humorous and thoughtful performer.

Poem nr 1.

Akseli Aittomäki

I like to hand-dance with you.

I bet there is a lot more to do.

If everybody had that spark of yours

There wouldn’t be rains,

There would be pours.

The Questioner @ Eskus on 13th Sep, 2014

Live Art, Poetry

Here are a couple of pics of my performance Pakettitoimitus (Package Delivery) at Eskusplosion 24h, a performance art event at Esitystaiteen Keskus, Helsinki. The performance included arriving inside a big skin tone hood, holding a chocolate bunny; the peeling of several wrapped layers of fabric that were on the performer, while hearing the reading of a poetic monologue about the lonely waiting for lost letter mail; finding bagels from inside the wrappings; finally, getting free from the wraps, and exposing a black question-marked overall and a question-marked pair of sunglasses. The urge to get to eat the chocolate bunny despite the physical, invisible hindrances included falling down over again, and then finally, getting a sweet bite of the bunny. ”And oh… All these pretzels… and bagels.. and pretzelsss… and bagels (…) I have made for you!”

Arriving with a chocolate bunny.

Unwrapping the white coverings from the body, bagels falling off from the pieces of clothing.

The question mark is there.

Hunting the chocolate bunny on the floor. It tried to escape.

The two layers of eyes.


I’m on a Truck drive!

Poetry, Visual Art


This blog has a very nice concept: the driver changes every month, being the curator of the artistic content of the blog. My work, a 4 pic series of visual poems ”The Questioner”, is travelling on the Truck since Monday, 8th September. Go and have a look!


Dutch Dreaming & Swiss Inspiration


Groningen, that place full of bicycles in the north of Netherlands? Groningen can hardly be talked about without mentioning The Wall House #2. When I visited the town the first time, it was year 2006, and we worked to make some live and video art for the club night of Goebbels&Gubaidulina Festival, hosting some of the best classical and contemporary musical and theatre works of those two masters. See Heiner Goebbels’ events here: http://www.heinergoebbels.com/
It was only then that the Wall House spark was put in me by a certain mr. deKan. Thanks to that spark, I could not leave the town without seeing the house that I missed on the first trip. It is a piece of art itself, but it works as a venue for live performances and also a working space for a visual artist. The multiple faces of the building awaken the senses of the viewer and it is definitely both positively mind-boggling and well-thought as a base for artistic expressions.

Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.


Outi-Illuusia Lilja and Jord Homan having a creative moment

Also, when talking about Groningen, I’d be a fool not to mention two heartful artists living in or having lived there. They are Jord Homan, a composer, singer, songwriter, performer and who knows what more; and Jacky Sawatzky, a video artist whose views on life as an artist are refreshingly so, so far away from the high-brow artsy-fartsy upclass opinions that often give me the chills. Jacky’s fresh underground attitude together with Jord’s endless, inspiration-offering conversations and singing made it worthwhile to fly there to meet them. They were friendly enough to bike with me around the town, offering almost endless moments of collegiate happiness and sharing. That, and its power to renew one’s creative energy, dear all, should never-ever be underestimated! Yay, Jord and Jacky!

See about Jacky here, she’s specialized in filming dance: https://vimeo.com/videovectors
And here comes my feeling in the form of a poem:

It is a fool
the one ignoring,
the one snoring
while friends open their eyes.
Splash into the moment,
ride a cow
just no matter how
and look into the open eyes
of those who know what frees,
what ties.

These are the 10 first lines of a longer poem from the series ”Omtrent Vrienden”, ”About Friends”.

Then to Basel, Switzerland.
Basel is surely an example to us all, showing a wide range of art just mixed in everyday life of people. Be it fine art, contemporary, old, designwise, historical, strange or ordinary, this is a place to see it, and it is in museums and venues easily reachable even on the way to the marketplace downtown. Switzerland’s colorful and rich history in art and design creates an atmosphere where anyone can enjoy its results, just starting with the good graphic design seen on the streets on posters.

And dear friends, did you know that in the art-filled Swiss town of Basel, there is a lively poetry group called SLAM Basel? They were open enough to invite me to perform at one of their poetry clubs, and they are very active whether it’s about arranging live events, working with schools or working with the youth.
Der Zukunft des Poesies, ja!


Jean Tinguely. Word up!

Oh, and if you go to Basel in the near future, say before September 28, please go to see Krištof Kintera’s astonishing works at Museum Tinguely. You’ll be delighted to see Jean Tinguely’s work too, and boy, do those men rock!

ConVERGE Artist Residency at Ponderosa

Live Art, Poetry

ConVERGE Artist Residency at Ponderosa, Germany in September-October 2014 is an artist residency for performing artists. Ponderosa in North-East Germany hosts especially dancers and choreographers. In ConVERGE, we get to explore what we can do with our bodies and words with each other. What happens when a dancing poet meets a poetic dancer?


Con|VERGE offers interdisciplinary performance artists a chance to come together to make new, collaborative performance work. The intention of the residency is to make available time and space for creating new work, meeting and collaborating with other performance makers, and sharing skills, reflecting on process, and critiquing work with peers.