The Questioner @ Eskus on 13th Sep, 2014

Live Art, Poetry

Here are a couple of pics of my performance Pakettitoimitus (Package Delivery) at Eskusplosion 24h, a performance art event at Esitystaiteen Keskus, Helsinki. The performance included arriving inside a big skin tone hood, holding a chocolate bunny; the peeling of several wrapped layers of fabric that were on the performer, while hearing the reading of a poetic monologue about the lonely waiting for lost letter mail; finding bagels from inside the wrappings; finally, getting free from the wraps, and exposing a black question-marked overall and a question-marked pair of sunglasses. The urge to get to eat the chocolate bunny despite the physical, invisible hindrances included falling down over again, and then finally, getting a sweet bite of the bunny. ”And oh… All these pretzels… and bagels.. and pretzelsss… and bagels (…) I have made for you!”

Arriving with a chocolate bunny.

Unwrapping the white coverings from the body, bagels falling off from the pieces of clothing.

The question mark is there.

Hunting the chocolate bunny on the floor. It tried to escape.

The two layers of eyes.


ConVERGE Artist Residency at Ponderosa

Live Art, Poetry

ConVERGE Artist Residency at Ponderosa, Germany in September-October 2014 is an artist residency for performing artists. Ponderosa in North-East Germany hosts especially dancers and choreographers. In ConVERGE, we get to explore what we can do with our bodies and words with each other. What happens when a dancing poet meets a poetic dancer?

Con|VERGE offers interdisciplinary performance artists a chance to come together to make new, collaborative performance work. The intention of the residency is to make available time and space for creating new work, meeting and collaborating with other performance makers, and sharing skills, reflecting on process, and critiquing work with peers.