30 Poems for Artists: Lisa Hayes

Live Art, Poetry, Yleinen

In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.
Here’s the poem of Lisa Hayes, an Irish theatre professional from London, and I must say, I had a hard time keeping it short when I wrote the poem. Would’ve wanted to say so much more about this awesome creature! She’s a theatre maker, and you could tell that instantly when she appeared on the metro station in Berlin; she oozes that something that connects her to the present moment and she is definitely very aware of her surroundings all the time. These features were top tools when we worked together in a team during Ponderosa residency. Lisa was open and willing to collaborate, and she brought us a lot of practical knowledge about theatre making and playing. She liked to approach many things through fun. What an amazing attitude that is! Go conquer the world, Lisa!

Oh Lisa, you’re a diamond amongst the ladies

and never mind the shadies

I believe in you

no matter what you do

’Cause the fire in your eyes

tells me you speak no lies

You’re tender and good,

you like to be understood

and I would be the happiest

to be your chap.