30 Poems for Artists: Adi Brief


In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.

This one was made for Adi Brief, a person who has worked hard during years to establish the beautiful residency of Ponderosa. She has seen the place being born, its buildings going through a total renovation, and the community around it evolve and develop. She takes good care of it all, including the garden, and during my stay, appeared as a comfort-bringing household fairy for all of the guests.


Workfully working, joking, lurking

You’ve got it all for a smooth ride

You’ve got your smiles and we llke

the way you commit without a vomit

and do know how dreams

really do come true.