30 Poems for Artists: Agnė Auželytė

Live Art

In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, in autumn 2014, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.

Today, it is the turn of Agnė Auželytė, a special Lithuanian lady, a dancer and performer, with a great peculiar sense of humour. Her performances as a musician give the audience a warm and funny feeling, yet they also ooze with deep emotional content. She sings and plays with passion and, for sure, does everything else with passion as well.

Photo by Yoav Admoni.

Poem nr. 4

Could I take those eyes

and frame them

and tame them

and put them on the wall?

The eyebrows would go too

That’s quite well for describing you.



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