30 Poems for Artists: Verena van der Berg

Live Art, Visual Art, Yleinen

In the inspiring artist residency of Ponderosa, Germany, in autumn 2014, I wrote one poem for each fellow artist, curator and worker at the residency. The poems were then performed at a Poet’s Reception on 2nd October 2014.

Today, it is the turn of Verena van der Berg from Netherlands. She is a very perceptive and truly multi-talented artist. She works using her body as a dancer and performer, she makes images – drawings and paintings – and also works with film, installation and ceramics. For her, the world is a place full of beauty and inspiration.

Photo: Joe Pitt

Poem nr. 3

Nicely cuddled inside your softness

you lightfully play,

and gracefully say

things that wake up the dormant –

you are as welcome as a morning.



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